Royal College of Surgeons

There are four Royal College of Surgeons who train surgeons and organise their examinations who conduct business under the Royal Charter.

Royal College of Surgeons of England was incorporated in 1493 and chartered in 1800. They are an independent organisation committed to ensuring the delivery of the highest possible standard of surgical care for patients in England and Wales. They are also responsible for surgical regulations including dentistry

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh was chartered in 1505. HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is The current Patron of the College. They got granted the royal charter in 1506 by King James IV. Currently HRH Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) is the Patron of the College.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow was founded in1519 and chartered in 1599. They original purpose was as a regulatory body to make sure that doctors and surgeons as well as dentists recieved good medical and surgical training. They now provide a slightly different role with post graduate education in medicine and surgery as well as offering Memberships and Fellowships to doctors and surgeons.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland was founded in 1784 and are based in Dublin providing medical education and training for undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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