Male Cosmetic Surgery

In these early days of the 21st Century, it is a fact that cosmetic surgery is no longer the taboo subject it was for so long, when it was generally viewed as folly driven by extreme vanity. Times have certainly changed with a new, all-pervading mentality that cosmetic surgery is not necessarily all about desperate attempts at repairing faded glamour, but often essential in dealing with difficult health problems. With this shift in opinion, men in the UK have particularly benefited, taking a newfound confidence to the exploration of what cosmetic and plastic surgery can do to enhance their lives and, most importantly, improve their health.

Whilst still firmly the gender forming the minority of patients in the UK undergoing cosmetic surgery, more and more men each year are now looking to the many procedures available to them in order to put physical wrongs right. To this end, the most popular cosmetic procedures for men are currently Rhinoplasty and Breast Reduction:

A Rhinoplasty is an operation aimed at correcting problems with the nose; the proverbial nose job as it is so commonly known! Whether you may wish to have the size of your nose reduced or increased, or perhaps reshaped, the Rhinoplasty is the cosmetic procedure you will require.

Breast Reduction Surgery for men is the procedure to tackle a condition called Gynaecomastia. This is when there is an abnormal increase in glandular tissue in the male breast area and is a fairly common health problem that can cause men embarrassment and discomfort.


Here, we present an overview of all the cosmetic surgery procedures available to men through Cosmetic Surgery Consultants. Our website contains a page dedicated to every single procedure, where you can find detailed information as to exactly what they entail – including procedure, After Care and recovery advice – but please contact us if you require any further information; we are here to help! You can contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

For drooping eyelids and the removal of bags under the eyes; this is a very popular procedure.

Brow Lift
To correct drooping eyebrows, pronounced facial lines and loose facial skin.

Buccal Fat Removal
Aimed at the correction of what is known as chipmunk cheeks by removing fat pads from the cheeks.

Cheek Implants
The procedure to tackle weak (facial) cheek structure due to ageing, trauma or congenital condition.

Chin Augmentation / Reduction
Chin surgery is either performed to augment a weak chin, balance other facial features, such as a prominent nose or to reduce a prominent chin.

Essentially focused on eliminating the more visible facial signs of ageing: globally extremely popular.

Fat Injections
Effective in reducing wrinkles, hiding acne scarring and correcting facial defects.

Extremely popular and effective, Liposuction is the removal of fatty tissue from any area of the body.

Male Breast Reduction
See main text above.

Mini Facelift
A popular alternative to the full facelift, aimed at restoration of loose facial skin with minimal scarring.

More Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Mini Tummy Tuck (Mini Abdominoplasty)
An alternative procedure from the full Abdominoplasty to remove excess fat and skin from the waist.

Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)
A procedure to bring greater balance to facial features through the correction of prominent ears.

See main text above.

Revision Rhinoplasty
A corrective cosmetic surgery procedure to address any problems resulting from previous Rhinoplasty.

Similar to Rhinoplasty but aiming also to correct nasal blockages causing breathing difficulties.

Tummy Tuck
A procedure for the removal of excessive fatty tissue and skin from the abdomen and around the waist.

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