Breast Asymmetry

What does Breast Asymmetry Surgery Involve?

The surgery for breast asymmetry is usually to correct a difference in size, shape, or nipple position.

If surgical correction of breast asymmetry is done, success is best achieved with the correction of breast size. If both breast size and shape are different, it will be more difficult to get a good surgical results since a different procedure must be used for each breast.

If one breast is a cup size or more different that the other, surgery will likely be recommended. If the difference in breast size is less than a bra cup size, then surgery is not unusually advised. In terms of patient satisfaction, surgery to correct asymmetry is about 90% successful.

Surgery for breast asymmetry may include

The augmentation of one or both breasts, reduction of one or both breasts, or augmentation of one breast and reduction in size of the other. If there is sagging in one of the asymmetrical breasts, this can also be corrected during surgery for breast asymmetry. A breast lift will be used to raise the sagging breast.

Tubular Breast Deformity

Another breast problem similar to breast asymmetry is a condition known as tuberous breasts. Such asymmetry can make a woman feel self-conscious and insecure about her appearance. Tuberous breasts are so named because the breasts are shaped like tubes. Tubular breasts have a very narrow base and usually a long skin envelope or the base of the breast appears more like a tube than a cone. Tuberous breasts can be corrected with cosmetic surgery, making the breast into a more rounded and pleasing shape.

The surgery is usually done under a light general anaesthesia and the procedure takes about two to three hours. The incision is usually confined to around the nipple entirely or beneath the crease, and can be very inconspicuous. The procedure involves making internal incisions to release the tight breast tissues, making a larger space for an implant, rounding out the lower breast crease, and correcting enlarged and protruding areola.